• Mission

    Our mission simply sophisticated is dedicated to providing you with exclusive nail wraps. With our products, you will be able to already wear tomorrow’s trends on your finger nails!

    We design and distribute creative and modern designs for confident and fashion-conscious women. Whether to wear our nail wraps in a full look or to set accents – Miss Sophie’s Nail Wraps provide everybody with a special feeling on their fingertips!

    Miss Sophie’s Values:

    Animal testing-free products
    Quality* & Innovation
    Elegance & Style

*Our products are subject to CE marking.
  • Miss Sophie’s Nail Wraps
    The solution of a problem of many women

    My name is Sophie and I am the founder of Miss Sophie’s. I came up with the idea of the start-up while I often went to the beach with friends during my semester abroad in Southern France. In the combination with sand and saltwater, regular nail polish had no chance and even the most expensive polish chipped right off our nails. So I did some research and developed our nail wraps, that were tested and improved until I was satisfied with the quality. Problem solved: our innovative nail wraps last longer than nail polish and have stylish designs, that can’t be painted quickly on your nails. Every time I look at my hands, it makes me really happy see our beautiful nail wraps! Since December 2014, we have been online with our shop for nail wraps for confident and fashion-conscious women. We started with 36 classical designs that are being completed with thematically highlights! We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received so far and are looking forward to future projects!