• 1. Clean your natural nails with a nail polish remover pad and push back the cuticles.
  • 2. Match your nail to the nail wrap that fits best. Tip: If you’re unsure about two sizes, choose the smaller one or trim the larger one to size.
  • 3. Remove the transparent protective film. Peel off the nail wrap and place it on the centre of the nail. Tip: Leave a little space left and right at the edge of your cuticle. Press down the nail wrap in the centre of the nail and then apply firm pressure on the edges
  • 4. Fold down the excess overhanging nail wrap. Using Miss Sophie’s Glass Nail File in a vertical and downwards motion, file off the excess nail wraps.
  • 5. Apply one layer of Miss Sophie’s Top Coat on your nail wraps.
  • Removal

  • Gently clean the nail with a nail polish remover pad.
With the friendly assistance of Sarah from Farbmelodie.