Frequently Asked Questions

1. Questions about our nail wraps
2. Questions about the instructions
3. Questions about the company
4. Shipping
5. Ordering

1. Questions about our nail wraps

Who develops the designs of nail wraps?
All designs of Miss Sophie's have been developed by ourselves. We focus on trend colors and are inspired by the latest fashion trends so we can make the best and coolest designs for you!

Are there any deviations from the colors of the nail wraps on the website?
Note that the screen colors may not reflect the actual color tone and are therefore not binding. The colors displayed on the screen (light colors) may vary depending on the setting and display and may vary from the original colors (body color).

What material are the nail wraps made of?
The material of our nail wraps is similar to that of nail polish, but it has been processed differently for nail wraps. This is what makes our nail wraps ultra-thin so they stick perfectly on your nails. Miss Sophie's nail wraps consist of a white carrier film, which is printed with different colors and designs. Our nail foils are made of recyclable material and are subject to the CE marking. Sustainability and welfare are very important to us, which is why our nail wraps are not tested on animals.

2. Questions about the instructions

How often can I use a set of nail wraps?
One set includes 20 nail wraps in different sizes. If you are cutting it in half, you can use a single nail foil twice. One set usually leads to four uses. However, a worn nail foil cannot be reused.

How long do Miss Sophie's nail wraps last?
Our Nail Wraps hold up to two weeks, if you the nail wrap is sealed with a layer of Miss Sophie's Top Coat.

What do I do if one of the pre-cut sizes will not fit?
That is absolutely no problem! Our nail wraps are so thin that they can easily be cutted. Tip: You can simply cut the biggest nail foils that are intended for toenails, and use for the fingernails.

How do I remove Miss Sophie's nail wraps?
To remove the nail wrap from your fingernail, simply wipe them off with a nail polish remover pad. The wrap dissolves and can be thrown away with the cloth.

3. Questions about the company

How was the idea for Miss Sophie's established?
The idea of ​​Miss Sophie's was created by a personal problem - during her semester abroad in the Southern France our founder Sophie Kuehn noticed how fast nail polish chipps off from all women, in particular, on the beach. Sophie did some research and developed the nail wraps, that were tested and improved until she was satisfied with the quality. Problem solved: our innovative nail wraps last longer than nail polish and have stylish designs, that can’t be painted quickly on your nails.

Who is the team behind Miss Sophie's?
We are a Berlin-based startup, which was founded in December 2014. We consist of many creative heads that constantly contribute to the company and fill our brand Miss Sophie's with a lot personality.

4. Shipping & Payment

How can I use a voucher?
In the checkout process, you can find the term "coupon code" under "Summary“. Please enter the exact coupon code and click on.

When is my order completed and sent out?
Your order is completed once all the steps of the checkout process are run through and you got a confirmation email from us. Your order will be shipped once we received the payment

Why was my payment is not accepted?
This can have several reasons. For the best solution possible please contact us at and we will find a solution.

To which countries does Miss Sophie's ship to?
We currently ship to all countries inside the European Union. The exact details for the delivery you can read here.

How long is the delivery time?
After a successful order, delivery takes about 1-3 working days within Germany and about 2-5 working days to countries inside the European Union.

How much are the shipping costs for my order??
The shipping within Germany cost € 1.45. Above an order value of 29,00 € the shipping costs are without any charge. The shipping costs to countries inside the European Union costs € 5.60. Above an order value of 49,00 € the shipping costs are without any charge. More information about shipping can be found here.

5. Ordering

How do I make an order?
On the product pages of our nail wraps, nail files and top coat you can choose between the different products and the order quantity of your choice. By clicking on the button "Add to Cart" you put your selection in the virtual shopping cart, what will you immediately confirmed by a notification. You can control the basket again after completion of your purchase or with the mouse pointer on the word "basket" in the top right navigation bar on our site. You can correct it or go straight to the checkout. Then you can enter your address and choose a shipping method as well as a payment option before you complete the purchase in the last step by confirm the button "Order Payment Paid". Further support you get displayed in the individual steps of the order of each page.

Can I safely pay my order online?
More you can read in our Privacy Policy.

How Miss Sophie's to personal data?
More you can read in our Privacy Policy.

Can I change or cancel my order retroactive?
Please contact our customer service directly via email at

How can I get a copy of my invoice?
You will receive an invoice for your order from us by mail / post, once your payment has been received.

I got a package that does not meet my order. Whom can I contact?An wen kann ich mich wenden? 
We are sorry! Please send us an email to and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

I want to send my order back, how do I proceed?
More you find in our cancellation policy. Please send the goods back in their original packaging.